Becoming Fully Human

In 2012, George Doyle-Bedwell is on a training sabbatical and is teaching only once per week.  We are training in a new location and when weather permits, outdoors.  All those interested in training must first contact George Doyle-Bedwell (see the ‘Contact Us’ folder) and make an appointment.  Please also read the ‘Rules of the Bujinkan’ sub-folder below.

Our training times are as follows:



09h30 (9:30am) to 10h30 (10:30 am) – Youth Class

10h30 (10:30 am) to 13h00 (1:00 pm) - Adult Class 

Sunday Seminar
(Quarterly - March, July, September) – Adults Only – Topics and Times Vary

Fees vary, please call 902-471-3487 or email
Bujinkan.doylebedwell.dojo@gmail.com for details.

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